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Teaching Equitable Asian American Community History

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Thank You for Completing This PD!

The Two Steps to Claiming Your PD Hours: 

Step One 

When you have completed a module, you will be directed to complete the following feedback form. We recommend completing this form after you have completed all your desired modules (but you can also complete it after each individual module).


Step Two

To report your PD credits, you must also visit the following links to submit your PD credits through the Council on Teacher Education. You must complete one for each module, not each section.

Example: If you complete Module 1, Section 2 and Module, Section 3, you should submit "Credits for Module 1" and "Credits for Module 2."



A note about timing: If you complete the PD modules by the 25th of the month, you will receive your PD credits by the end of the month. These forms must be completed or you will not be able to receive an Evidence of Completion form for the PD credits. Your actual hours will be verified by TEAACH Staff.